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Conference for Evangelists
20-22 January 2025
Yarnfield Park Conference Centre,
ST15 0NL

These three days are set aside for Bible ministry and teaching, practical sessions and tips, prayer, historical lectures and the joy of fellowship with other evangelists (in Jan 2023 there were about 140 of us). There are numerous claims on our time, and many conferences, but if evangelism is your passion, then this conference is unique, tailor-made for evangelists, and at a reasonable price.

Speakers include Rico Tice who will bring three sessions of Bible Ministry. There will be a 10ofThose bookshop and exhibitions from several evangelistic organisations.

Real Lives
Saturdays 8pm

Listen to interviews from all walks of life and hear about the difference that Jesus makes. ‘Real Lives’ is an initiative of The Association of Evangelists’ a group of Christians in the UK keen to share the Good News of Jesus with a broken world. Join us live on Saturdays at 8pm or watch past events.

Sow to Reap
Available on-line.

Watch over 30 Evangelism Training sessions delivered live on Zoom during the Covid 19 pandemic. Also available as a podcast on Apple and Spotify