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The Fellowship of Evangelistic Workers or ‘The FEW‘ (Matthew 9:37) is an initiative of the Association of Evangelists.  

It is an informal network of people, whose prime ministry is evangelistic, offering fellowship, encouragement, teaching and training.  It is not an organisation, but a means of providing opportunities for evangelists to spend time together at different times of the year.  

The main event is an annual three-day Conference for Evangelists (bookings now for 2024). There are other occasional gatherings in different parts of the UK, held exclusively for evangelists.  There are no fees (apart from the three-day conference), and no financial commitments.  The only accountability will be that each evangelist is able to sign the doctrinal statement below, whilst seeking to live before the Lord with integrity and obedience.

The FEW is non-denominational.  It is aimed solely to be of encouragement to evangelists working in churches, organisations or independently, whether in a full time or part time capacity.

The Association of Evangelists is simply aiming to provide fellowship and ministry to people who like them, are focused on reaching unconverted people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Real Lives
Saturday at 8pm

Listen to interviews of Christians from all walks of life. Live on Saturday nights – and on You Tube afterwards